Dry Rot Remedial works gone wrong!

Timber Decay Detection

Timber decay is the greatest threat to any building fabric. It is absolutely vital to diagnose the type of decay accurately to enable appropriate remedial works to be carried out. 

Whilst there are many sub-categories of decay, the main objective is to determine the difference between “Wet Rot and Dry Rot”.

Misdiagnosis between the two can lead to over zealous recommendations.

If the Wet Rot is mistaken for Dry Rot and alternatively, if Dry Rot is mistaken for a Wet Rot, recommendations can lead to inadequate specifications being applied.

This will result in the reoccurrence of the dry rot, otherwise known as the “Cancer of Wood”.

Whilst they can be similar in appearance, they are very very different in many ways.

One of the photos flashing above shows a piece of timber affected by Wet Rot (top piece in the photo) compared to a piece affected by Dry Rot. If you are ever unsure, call in the experts!

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