Damp Detection

Damp is the main starting point for any kind of decay in a building and therefore must be addressed before, if not directly after any form of internal remedial repairs!

  There are various types of damp that can effect the internal fabric of buildings such as:

  • Penetrating Damp
  • Rising Damp
  • Condensation

Each of the above categories can be further sub-divided and the respective causes can vary for a number of reasons. It is up to specially trained surveyors to determine the cause and the affect of each case as the wrong diagnosis can have a detrimental outcome. The experienced surveyor will use all our specialist equipment to identify the tell tale signs and come to the correct conclusion.

Examples are:

  • The presence of salts and their type
  • Observations and conclusions gained during external inspections
  • Presence of damp proof membranes or damp proof courses
  • Internal environments that can cause condensation, such as over or inappropriate insulation installation, lack of ventilation, type of heating and individual living conditions
  • Moisture metres or a Hygrometer
  • And probably the most important tools, like; sight, smell and touch combined with common sense!

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Damp Inspection

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